Library Services

The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the College by establishing, maintaining and promoting the following library facilities and information services .

1) Book-bank

2) Membership to Non-students

3) Booksfor Comp. Exam.

4) Question Paper

5) Open Access.

6) Reading Room.

7) Internet Facility.

8) Reprographic.

9) OPAC Facility.

10) Inter Library Loan.

11) Power Backup.

12) New Arrivals Display.

12) Career / Employment Information.

13) Current Awareness Service.

14)Reference Service.

15)Information Display and Notification.

16)Literature Search.

17)News Paper Clipping.

1)Assistance to poor and deserving students.

2)User Orientation & Information Literacy to students.

3)Career/ Employment information.

4)Suggestion box and timely response.

5)Displaying new arrivals books.

6)Organizing book exhibition.