Circulation/Booking Lending

Students :- 2 Books 7 days in a week.

Faculty members :- 30 Books Per Semester

Non-teaching staff :- 5 Books for 1 month.

Other readers :- 2 Books for 15 days

1) Borrower’s Ticket is issued to every student If it is lost, duplicate borrower’s ticket will be issued on payment Rs.05/- along with the prescribed application form.

2) Identity card and borrower’s tickets are non transferable. These tickets shall be valid for one academic year.

3) Books issued on the borrower’s tickets can be retained with the reader for seven days.

4) Students can also borrow one extra book against his or her Identity card for the duration of seven / two days.

5) Reference/rare books are not issued. However they are made available in the library.

6) Books and other reading materials borrowed by the reader are liable to recalled back at any time.

7) Overdue charges of Rs. 1 per day will be charged for over dues.

8) Every reader using the library shall be responsible for its safe custody and return the book undamaged. Any attempt to damage books or periodicals by defacing or tearing pages will be treated as misconduct and strictly dealt with.

9) Books for Competitive examinations such as MPSC, UPSC, MH-CET, NDA, and NET/SET are also issued.